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xenforo addons XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO : Basic Setup & Features


Staff member
Oct 7, 2017
No Tlp
what's up guys Jack's all here

so then is upon us which of course

means I need to update all my add-ons

for this new platform so it's mostly

completely rights so a lot of things are

going to change in the first Eiland I

want to talk about is Xen porta which

is my popular portal addon which you can

see right here this is very basic

settings I have it's showing only two

articles with masonry grid it has the

feature slider up here and then it also

has infinite scrolling so we're gonna

scroll down and we're gonna see more

articles load up there we go and then we

got some nice widgets down here I only

have five articles on my test forum

which is why only five articles loaded

up but and I also set it to two articles

only so chances are you'll probably want

to do more but you know that the masonry

and the infinite scrolling looks rather

nice alright so moving on let's go

talking about the actual admin control

panel section now this is on my test

forum so things are going to react

slowly because my test forums is kind of

slow and I apologize for that

anyways once you have you add-on

installed we didn't see a link here on

the left side for the add-ons control

panel area and I've got my categories

articles and features they're pretty

much the same as the previous version of

the add-on categories are your major

tags you're gonna have a category in the

description so that's the equivalent of

having a page just for a specific

category in the descriptions over here

and you can even have it force the

specific styles which I'm not gonna do

and we have our articles list simple you

can edit each article settings right

here from within the admin control panel

custom break text the date format thread

as an article basically when you click


a thread it's going to format the thread

as if it was you have a news website and

yeah a news blog or something so it's

going to make it look like an actual

article instead of being a normal thread

block text author bona fides and

articles look like comments instead of

replies sticking the article index just

makes it at the top and exclude from

article index means the article will

only show up on category pages or author

pages not on your home page then you're

gonna have custom title and excerpt text

that's text that appears only here but

not when you view the actual article

itself and then of course the categories

it belongs to feature is pretty much

exactly the same your features custom

excerpt text you can add a YouTube video

right here and an image so we see we

have an image right here now normally

we'll try to load a YouTube video but if

it fails to load the YouTube video for

whatever reason that's why the text

showed up at the bottom and this is a

slider so it rotates from my settings I

think it's every seconds yeah alright

then of course we have our authors which

is that bone the feed I blocked that I

shut before and we have a quick link to

the widgets menu and the reason why it's

a quick link to the widgets menu is

because then has its own built in

widget system so we're actually using

that instead of writing our own the

built in there's no reason to have to I

think that just confuses people the

built in one it's a it works really well

I love it

it's so easy to program for and it's so

easy to manage it's just not as


as the one that in Zen porta for Zen

which has its own widget system but it's

a lot easier to use so it's what we're

going to stick with since the majority

of people weren't using

advanced features anyways and then we

have our option screen so let's go over

some of the options

a naval navigation tab custom meta

description articles per page I already

show that we had two per page so that we

can use the infinite scrolling and the

masonry let's increase that to and

the excerpt trim which terms the text to

up to characters strip line break

strip bbcode external images i actually

don't recommend using external images

external images allows you to have your

article headers as images not part of

the attachment system in Zen faro which

I actually don't recommend because if

those websites go down you're kind of


then there's the article layout it's

pretty self-explanatory when we go to

the let's see article promotion there is

that option to format thread as an

article if you uncheck this option then

the article will just appear as a thread

and none of these options will matter

but if you have a format as an article

then these options are applied so the

custom article layout is pretty much

enables the entire thing the simple

comments changes the comment system from

replies to smaller a smaller bit simpler

bit so it spits you know let's disable

it so you can see what a normal this is

what a normal common system looks like

it's big it's a complete waste of space

so we have a smaller one makes it look

more professional and then there's the

author byline blocked which I showed

here and then there's the attachment

gallery the attachment gallery is the

list of attachments that show up at the

bottom of every post like this

like this attachment I'm using for the

icon Heather over here so it's not

really essential to to the actual

article itself so I've disabled

attachment galleries on my website so

that if there's an image I want to show

in as part of the article I have to

insert it as a thumbnail so for instance

I would do that or maybe if I wanted

even full image you know it forces you

to control how you want to view threads

more accurately but it does look nicer

and then of course the featured

dimensions are the dimensions of the

image behind the feature block alright

so let's go into the style properties

let's look at the feature style

properties not really any different than

the old version and it's all based on

sizes and what's it called responsive

design so I'm not really going to talk

about it alright this is imported two

options we've got the article icon

header title which is this title over

here if you're using article headers

that's the settings for this text the

article headers let's disable everything

for now whoopsie I'm doing this in a in

a custom skin let's say I revert all

these let's say all right master style

now let's disable them all right

so this is what in what the normal

article system looks like and you can

see we have our icons as images on the

right side of each post but if we enable

article headers this test server is

really slow those images appear as

Heather's to the article now I don't

think it looks very good

on a single column layout which is why I

would enable masonry grid on my page so

let's say we're gonna have three columns

and now we also have responsive design

options so it starts at three we'll

shrink the two and then eventually go to

one over time so let's go to three

columns there we go

and let's look at how the responsive

design works I'm gonna shrink down now

it's two columns and now it's one column

very nice and then we also have infinite

scrolling which I showed the four and

the offset date block now if you look

here you'll see the author and then the

date at the top but if we enable the

offset date block and then refresh now

we have it saying December on the

left side with a white strip to the left

it's just a style feature but I like it

enough to put it as a default feature

into the add-on alright so let's talk

about widgets like I said widgets are

very different because now we're using

this and for a built-in widget system we

have a whole bunch of widget position so

if we add a widget we have the articles

widget which is basically going to

emulate your article list we have the


clock which I have over here a discord

block face with block and Twitter block

and the features black now by default

they're the features block doesn't even

show up on your home portal page you

have to put it there so that's what I


articles list above in the full width

and here are all my settings simple


you can even relocate it to different

places so let me show you how that works

now let's let's put the discord Block in

the articles sidebar there we go and now

let's refresh this and now what you'll

see here is the the features is actually

you know to the side because we have a

sidebar and so we have a feature here

where we can actually relocate the

location of the features list and my

recommended position is dot P - body -

main and let's click Save on that and

now when we refresh you're gonna see it

relocated at the top of everything and

push the discord block down I think that

looks a lot nicer being full width

across the top those are just some basic

advanced settings but why do I have this


alright so that's basically widgets well

what the widgets are but the widget

positions are a bit different so let's

look at this card again let's put it

back below in split now by default all

the widget locations in Zen are full

with wait a minute that's not right

where did I put this

article list yeah there we go so if you

were to put a discord Block in let's say

a forum list above the notes click Save

and when we go to the forum list the

discord block stretches all the way from

the left side to the right side and it

takes up this big huge block what I've

done is I've added a couple of new


I have forum list above and below split

and what split does is it actually wait

a minute yeah it actually splits the

widget block in the Flex blocks a flex

box that's the way I'm looking for below

it so it'll try to keep it you know

around pixels which is what the

default width of the sidebar is you can

always change it with style settings

whoops that's not right and let's

inspect and because of that you can see

it also is responsive now the Facebook

block is not responsive because the

Facebook's code is terrible but that's

pretty pretty much it you know some

basic features locations would be the

article view which is viewing an actual

article on the sidebar article list

above article full and split below full

and split sidebar side nav and then

forum list above and below split

positions now these don't have full

positions because the Zen faro itself

has full positions over here a forum

list above and below these are full

positions so I only need to add the


so that that's basically it if you've

got any questions let me know if there

are some more widget locations that

you're interested in me adding let me

know if there's more widgets you need me

to add let me know I did you'll notice

that I don't have a lot of widgets

because the raw HTML widget is honestly

it's enough to carry out the needs for

most widgets like in the previous

version is fr I had an Adsense widget a

Google Adsense widget why just use the

raw HTML widget and just paste the code

in there it's and I mean there's just a

waste of time doing this other widget so

I didn't clean them anyways peace out

guys and look forward to Zen Zen port at

on January st
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